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Artist's Manifesto

I recently competed my BFA in Contemporary Theatre at the Boston Conservatory.


I am a black, Jewish, deeply intersectionally identifying person who is extremely intelligent with lots of complex thoughts. I am an emotional human and chronic wearer of my heart on my sleeve, I am blunt and honest and have a deep commitment to truth, problem-solving, and the people I care about, whether I choose to care about them consciously or not. I am connected to nature and the world around me in my own way, and I love deeply and feel deeply. I am a person who would cry at a happy movie and laugh at a scary one.

I perform from my heart and from a place of truth, I try to have a healthily deep connection with the work I do.I write words that emulate the life around me and the feelings about it, I enjoy crafting ambiance, the tailoring experience of the written word. I visually conceptualize performance, written word, emotion, life and people using photography (film, DSLR), painting (watercolor, water-based oil, acrylic), and video editing (iMovie, Adobe).

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